• E860R Pro Max 34 inch Medium Size Ride On Floor Scrubber Dryer

    E860R Pro Max 34 inch Medium Size Ride On Floor Scrubber Dryer

    This model is a large size front wheel drive ride on industrial floor washing machine, with 200L solution tank/210L recovery tank capacity. Robust and reliable, the battery powered E860R Pro Max  is built to last with limited need for service and maintenance, making it the right choice when you want efficient cleaning with an absolute minimum of downtime. Designed for different types of surfaces,such as terrazzo,granite, epoxy,concrete, from smooth to tiles floors.


  • E531B&E531BD Walk Behind  Floor Scrubber Machine

    E531B&E531BD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Machine

    E531BD walk behind dryer is designed to improve productivity and cost saving in long term. The significant benefits of this model is Power Drive function, which eliminates the need for manual pushing and pulling of the scrubber dryer. The machine is propelled forward, making it easier to navigate through large floor areas, tight spaces, and around obstacles. With the power drive assisting in movement, operators can cover larger floor areas in less time compared to manual scrubber dryers, time and labor savings. E531BD is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable working experience to the operators. Ideal choice for hotel, supermarket, hospital, office, station, airport, large parking lot, factory, port and the like.

  • EC530B/EC530BD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer

    EC530B/EC530BD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer

    EC530B is a compact walk-behind battery powered floor scrubber with a 21” scrub path, easy-to-operate hard floor cleaners in a narrow space.With high productivity,  an easy-to-use design, reliable operation and low maintenance at a budget-friendly value, the contractor-grade EC530B will max your  day-to-day cleaning efficiency and productivity  for both small and large jobs in hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants, warehouses and more.

  • T3  Single phase vacuum with height adjustment

    T3 Single phase vacuum with height adjustment

    T3 is a single phase bag type industrial vacuum cleaner. With 3pcs powerful Ametek motors,each motor can be controlled indepently accordingly to operatorr’s needs. Standard imported polyester coated HEPA filter with efficency >99.9%@0.3um, the continously drop down folding bag provides a safe and clean dust disposal. Adjustable height,handling and transporting easily. Equipped with jet pulse filter cleaning system, the operators purge the filter 3-5 times when the filter is blocking,this dust extractor will renew to high suction,no need to take out the filter for cleaning,avoid the second dust polution. Specially applies to the floor grinding and polishing industry.The machine can be connected with the front brush which enable the worker can push it forward. No more fear of being shocked by the static electricity. This D50 front brush with working width 70cm, greatly improves the work efficiency, labor saving indeed. T3 comes with D50*7.5m hose, S sand and floor tools.


  • AC21/AC22 Twin Motors Auto Pulsing Hepa 13 Concrete Vacuum

    AC21/AC22 Twin Motors Auto Pulsing Hepa 13 Concrete Vacuum

    AC22/AC21 is a twin motors Auto pulsing HEPA dust extractor.It is the most popular model for the medium size concrete floor grinders. The 2 commercial grade Ameterk motors provide 258cfm and 100 inch water lift.Operators can controll the motors independently when different power is wanted. It featured with Bersi innovative Auto pulsing technology,which solve the pain of frequently stop to pulse or manually clean the filters ,allows the operator 100% uninterrupted working, labor saving greatly. When fine dust is inhaled into the lungs, it is extremly harm to the body, this vacuum build with high standard 2- stage HEPA filtration system.The first stage equipped with two cylindrical filters rotated self cleaning.When one filter is cleaning, the other is keep vacuuming, you don’t have to worry about the clogging any more.The second stage has 2pcs H13 HEPA filter individually tested and certified with EN1822-1 and IEST RP CC001.6 standard.This high-performing unit meets OSHA’s dust collector requirements and helps provide a cleaner, healthier work site. Like all Bersi cassettes dust collecctor, AC22/AC21 equipped with continuous drop-down dust collection into a plastic bag or Longopac bagging system so you can enjoy mess-free dustless disposal. It comes along with 7.5m*D50 hose, S wand and floor tools.This ultra-portable dust collector easily moves around congested floor and loads easily into a van or truck when transport.

  • 10” Rear wheel for AC750/AC800/AC900

    10” Rear wheel for AC750/AC800/AC900

    P/N S9034,10” Rear wheel for AC750/AC800/AC900

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