• D50 or 2” floor tools replacement rubber squeege blade

    D50 or 2” floor tools replacement rubber squeege blade

    This product set contains 2pcs rubber blade, one is 440mm length, another one is 390mm length. Designed for Bersi,Husqvarna, Ermator 2” floor tools.

  • D50 or 2” floor tools replacement brush

    D50 or 2” floor tools replacement brush

    This replacement brush set fits Bersi D50 floor tools and Husqvarna (Ermator) D50 floor tools both. It includes one with 440mm length, another shorter one with 390mm length.


  • AC150H Non woven filter bag
  • T5 dust extractor integrated with separator

    T5 dust extractor integrated with separator

    T5 is a single phase conrete vacuum cleaner intergrated with a pre separator. With 3pcs powerful Ametek motors,each motor can be controlled indepently accordingly to operatorr’s needs. The on the front cyclone separator will vacuum more than 95% fine dust before the dust comes into the filter, prolong the filter working time. Standard imported polyester coated HEPA filter with efficency >99.9%@0.3um, the continously drop down folding bag provides a safe and clean dust disposal. Equipped with jet pulse filter cleaning system, the operators purge the filter 3-5 times when the filter is blocking,this dust extractor will renew to high suction,no need to take out the filter for cleaning,avoid the second dust polution. Specially applies to the floor grinding and polishing industry.

  • AC31/AC32 3 Motors Auto Pulsing Hepa 13 Concrete Dust Collector

    AC31/AC32 3 Motors Auto Pulsing Hepa 13 Concrete Dust Collector

    AC32/AC31 is a triple motors Auto Pulsing HEPA dust extractor.It is the most powerful single phase industrial vacuum cleaner in the market.The 3 powerful Ametek motors provides 353 CFM and 100″ of water lift.The operator can control the 3 motors independently according to the different power needs. Featured with Bersi innovative AutoClean technology,which solve the pain of frequently stop to pulse or manually clean the filters ,allows the operator 100% uninterrupted working.In some coating removing job, the dust is wet or sticky, the jet pulse clean vacuum filter will clog very soon,but the vacuum cleaner with this patent auto pulsing system can clean the filters effectivly and automatically, keep high airflow all the time.Concrete dust is extremely fine and harmful to health, this vacuum build with high standard dural stage HEPA filtration system.The first stage equipped with 2 big cylindrical filters with 3.0㎡ filter area in total.The second stage has 3pcs H13 HEPA filter tested and certified with EN1822-1 and IEST RP CC001.6. The “drop-down” dust collection in a plastic bag ensure a safe and clean dust disposal. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for use with floor grinders, concrete scarifiers, concrete cutting saws etc.Use this machine for cleanup in between concrete grinding passes or as a general construction vacuum. It will effectively pick up a wide range of building materials and debris.Thanks to the the solid non-marking puncture free wheels, lockable front casters, AC31/AC32 is easy to move in the tough jobsite.This vacuum cleaner machine is also unmatched in its portability. Its surprisingly dolly design makes loading and unloading a breeze.



  • DC3600 3 Motors Wet&Dry Auto Pulsing Industrial Vacuum

    DC3600 3 Motors Wet&Dry Auto Pulsing Industrial Vacuum

    DC3600 is equipped with 3 bypass and individually controlled Ametek motors.It is a single phase industrial grade wet and dry vacuum cleaner,with 75L detachable dustbin for holding vacuumed debris or liquids. It has 3 large commerical motors to provide enough power for any environment or application where there are large quantities of dust to be collected. This model equipped with Bersi patent auto pulsing technology,different with many manaul clean vacuums in the market.There are 2 large filters inside the barrel rotate self cleaning. When one filter is cleaning,the other keeps vacuuming, which makes the vacuum keeps the high airflow all the time.The HEPA filtration helps contain harmful dusts,create a safe and clean working site.Industrial shop vacuums provide greater suction than general purpose or commercial-cleaning shop vacuums to pick up heavier particles and liquids.They’re commonly used at manufacturing facilities and building or construction sites.It comes along with a 5M D50 hose, S wand and floor tools.

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